Litter Police

This post is procrastination in action, but it is a very necessary rant. I go to festivals a couple of times a year, have done since a very non-commercial Stonehenge in 1988. Imagine friends, camping, good food and music all outside in a sunny field or three somewhere usually ‘tres jolie’. Perfect if that is your thing. Now imagine doing all that surrounded by a load of litter that people are too dim to to think to put in the bin…yeah well having been to two festivals this year I don’t have to imagine I have distinct memories of piles of rubbish around people’s tents and they are not good.

The problem of litter at festivals is one that I believe has developed at pace with the incursion of corporations into our lives. Combined with what appears to be a shocking lack of thought or respect for the environment, well lack of thought about anything except your own personal needs I suppose. Not that the ‘cheap’ tents blowing around the Isle of Wight fields post-Bestival were necessarily branded to the hilt with “Tesco/Asda… bargain” on them, or that amongst the vast quantities of beer cans, toiletries, spent nitrous oxide canisters, fast food wrappers and plastic bags there wasn’t a small amount of unidentifiable, decomposable waste. But given that the goods were purchased, carried and used before simply being discarded I question the sheer inability of the majority of people to put any of their rubbish into a plastic bin bag and walk four or five metres to put it in the nearest bin cage. I find it worse than alarming, it also makes me really sad (and angry).

23 tonnes of discarded tents were collected after last years Bestival in 2011 – 23 tonnes! That is bloody amazing, are we all so rich and decadent that we can buy a new tent every year? We obviously have unlimited resources to carry on in this irresponsible fashion. How has it become ok to mindlessly discard things you no longer want, to leave crap strewn all around the countryside, without taking any responsibility for tidying up after yourself? Are we really that selfish and thick as a species? I like to think not but the evidence mounts against me…

The Age of Stupid…well roll on the impending mass destruction that climate change heralds, to cull the stupid, unappreciative, un-reflective primate that regularly shits all over it’s nest.