Woke up listening to cars and vans continually driving past my window. All off somewhere very important and necessary I’m sure. At around £1.40 a litre it surprises me people can still afford to drive so much. Especially here in the city of bicycles.

I wonder when people will worry we have gone too far, realise we are in deep trouble with the climate and many of us will not survive. It is that not seeming to care or understand that bugs me.

Read an inspiring story on Twitter yesterday about a US weather forecaster who promotes the science and consequences of climate change during his slot. In a heavily republican area this actually goes down well with viewers. Who are probably pleased to not be treated like idiots all the time.    (http://t.co/tSa3QAw6 )

A few years ago I went to Green Gathering, the most conscious of  festivals in energy use and recycling I have been to. As we drove off the carpark in our hire van there was a message, wound around the metal fence links with red and white barrier tape;  “You are driving climate change”.

We most certainly are all in this one together even though some of us remain wilfully blind.


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